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"...glowing with quality goods and services..."
Currently operating in over 5 stores in Nigeria, Goglow has several distribution points across the country. We shall actively ensure to supply the products to you on time.

Our Mission

We provide office supplies, projectors, phones & tablets, laptops, phone accessories, furniture, printers, we rent projectors, rent Public Adress System, we sell clothing accessories, & Fashion, In Nigeria.


We encourage you to place your orders online and a sales assistant will call you back and discuss the terms of sale and delivery.







Goglow Nigeria Limited aims to bridge the gap between the online customer and the brick and mortar retail chain. We want to be a trusted destination for businesses across the country to source their home supplies, personal use deliverables and office supplies.

We help small and medium sized companies, Individuals and corporate bodies by providing them with a one-stop-solution office supply store and a large variety of quality products and services at competitive prices.

From paper to printer cartridges, stationery to business requirements on technology products, we have an ever expanding range of products to make your business stay ahead of every business in Nigeria.

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Facts that Make us Unique

At The Goglow Group, an online mall, branding and marketing communications company based in the heart of south-east Nigeria, we pride ourselves in being a mighty mid-sized company. Our might undoubtedly comes from our talented team of thinkers and innovators who above all else, are natural leaders.

Expert Technologies

Our company is unique in taking an industry that has had very little innovation and created a scalable business model that leverages technology.

250,000+ Reach

Goglow reaches and services over 250,000+ Persons yearly.

Client Membership

We are open to willing individuals and corporate bodies for mutually beneficial deals 24/7. The ease of coming onboard our platform is second to none.


We have been here for over 20+ years and counting. Hence we are very much reliable.

Web Security

We have one of the best cyber security team in West Africa.

Live Support

We deliver an unbreaking life support for all our customers 24/7.

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Tue Nov 17 2020

Goglow Foods Coming Soon! - Goglow Set to Launch Food Vending Web App by Next Week

"Goglow Foods Web App will be built with very flexible functionalities, and there will be nothing like it in Nigeria..." Goglow will be launching a food vending web app for all categories of processed and raw food vendors, that will support fast door-to-door delivery system. Known as Goglow Foods, the web app is an online platform that will bring all categories of food vendors together, from where customers could search and order for processed and packaged food as well as raw food items, as soon as they visit the web app using any contemporary web browser available.

Thu Dec 03 2020

Goglow Food Web App - It Looked Like a Mission Impossible,.........But Here We Are!

It came just like every other idea would flash in. However, I knew as the head of the GoglowWebDevelopers© team that this wouldn't be an easy feat. Indeed, getting to develop an indigineous web application to help service the populance of Imo state and its environs, the south eastern Nigeria and the entire country at large with food would have been a great dare. So far so good, we have already begun establishing contacts and partnership in Owerri Municipal.......We are really reaching out to all food vendors in Owerri very voraciously. Here is a short story of how we have been able to get our first subscriber in